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How to create backlinks step by step guide to build quality backlinks

BY  ASWIN  |  JUNE 08.

How to create backlinks step by step

Now, the first question that arises in your mind would be what is backlinks in SEO?

And, how to create backlinks step by step?

Well, guess what, we have got the perfect answers for the questions mentioned above.

“Backlinking plays an essential role in SEO. Link building is a vital criterion that Google considers for ranking a website”.

In earlier days, any backlinks built were considered relevant for ranking within Google.

As days passed and technological advancements grew, the backlink process started getting harder and harder.

A long-running company will know the value of an excellent backlink building, as they would have gone through such a process.

what is backlinks in SEO

There are many best digital marketing services in Kerala that offer such kinds of link building services.
We will now be discussing link building in digital marketing.

For the time being, let’s learn the basics of how to do backlinks for a website

What is link juice in SEO

Link juice is a term used to define the amount of energy or power passed on through a link.

Link juice can be present in providing internal links as well as external links.

The more ( Do follow ) links provided to external links result in transfer of crawlers to the other website eventually leading to more positive power to the other website.

Most of these features will be easy for you to understand if you undergo the best digital marketing internship programme in your locality.

How to do backlink building?

How to do backlink building

Backlinks can be defined as the methodology of getting links or hyperlinks from other websites to your website.

This is advantageous when the crawlers or Google bots crawl your entire website, including links provided internally and similar external links.

Rather than creating backlinks by mentioning your links on other websites, it is always better to acquire the backlinks unknowingly.


Let us clarify.

The most common link building process is done by digital marketers or SEO specialists, they create profiles on directory websites like Quikr, OLX, and many other such websites, and they also mention articles, price listings and bookmarks on such platforms.

On the other hand, the obtainment of links that you did not work for or asked for is much of an achievement. This happens when an influencer, blogger, journalist or anyone who decides to mention you is a peak of achievement.

And such kinds of organic backlinks can leave a long-term yielding positive impression on your website.

But why exactly do I need a backlink?

A non-commercial or professional connection between two websites through a single or several links facilitates the advantages of their contents, SERP ranks and traffic results.

How to build backlinks for a new website?

How to build backlinks for a new website

As we mentioned earlier, Backlinks are still one of the significant factors of SEO that helps in ranking a website within Google
competently you have to be sure of the backlinks you are gaining.

It is a crucial factor to know whether the backlinks are good or bad.

How to know that the backlinks are good or bad for sure?

Don’t worry, we will get to that in detail in this article on how to create backlinks step by step.

A good backlink is a considerable favourable judgement, wherein you gain respect across the web and is foreseen as a home of quality content considered a healthy link by Google.
Unlike the long-gone days where Google was under development in recognizing the user needs and experiences, now years apart, Google stands as a highly advanced alpha in online technology.

Google can easily detect unconventional linking behaviour and can identify which links are helpful and not.

An ideal link that acts as an SEO friendly should be;-
● Helpful
● Of Outstanding quality
● Natural

Are you aware of the anchor text?

Are you aware of the Anchor text

 Anchor text is a clickable text that redirects internally to a different page or article of your website or redirects to an external source.

Therefore the links mentioned should be co-related to the contents mentioned, rather than do it for the sake of providing one.

Hence a suitable anchor text can be created, and when crawling happens, it will be easy for the search engines to fully understand the content relevance to the given link.

How to create backlinks step by step for a new website?

 ● Build your website using web and app development services and optimize it to an acceptable fettle way before mentioning or providing your links in other websites as this may affect negatively if not done correctly.

● Find and fix broken links. There are many free tools like Ahrefs, Google webmaster and many more ( these are not entirely free, most of the available tools are free for a few checks )

● Backlink in digital marketing can be done by putting together contents that are meritorious for links. This is a tactical move created with engaging contents, usage of eye-catchy visuals and more interactive contents.

●Consider social research for link building, bringing up the question of how you can use controversy, helping others and ego as clickbait and attracting links.

● Avoid using backlinks from untrustworthy websites, which can eventually become black hat SEO.

As we have gone through the things to keep in mind when building or gaining backlinks to your website, we can move on to the types of backlinks.

There are several types of link building in which we are about to mention the important ones that will help you in backlinking:-

➥ Guest Blogging backlinks 

Guest posting on other websites are one way of effectively receiving quality backlinks

➥ Business profile backlinks

Creating your business profiles on directory sites or business listing sites are beneficial.

➥ Webinar backlinks  

This is similar to guest blogging. Many sites root webinars and mention their subsequent links, which can be a real help for backlinking.

➥ Backlinks pertaining to editorials

If you have written exclusive or most acceptable content, you or others can mention it in various other articles by saying the link within the quality content.

➥ Free tool backlinks

You can provide the users with a free tool and gain backlinks, offering a one month trial or a lite version on various other websites related to your niche is collectively known as free tool backlinking.

➥ Backlinks by providing a badge

Consider providing a badge as an appreciation to other companies when they achieve something, resulting in the online posts of the badge given by you on all the social media platforms and their websites, causing backlinking.

➥ Comment Backlinks

Commenting on every social media platform or website based on your niche and providing your link and comments is one effective way of building backlinks.

➥ Post bio backlinks when guest posting 

most guest posting sites don’t allow links to appear within the content, but you can mention the links in your bio, which is also considered an effective backlinking methodology.

Now that you have a general idea on how do you get valued backlinks to a website it’s time to surf towards the link building tools.And then we will dive deep into how to create backlinks step by step.

We are about to Rapid fire the best ten link building tools:-

➪ Ahrefs
➪ Moz Link Explorer
➪ Link prospector
➪ BuzzSumo
➪ Cognitive SEO
➪ Hunter.io
➪ Monitor Backlinks ( SEO fresher friendly )
➪ Linkody
➪ Screaming Frog

Not most of the tools mentioned above come as a free service, but you can sample and test a few search queries until you get the hang of it.

Moving on to 2021, the most relevant information about link building.

web 2.0 sites for link building

web 2.0 sites for link building

So, what is web 2.0?

Let us clarify,

Web 2.0 is dynamic and zestful sites that allow users to interact and make amendments, create pages, interact, post images, links and whatnot.

The comprehensive social networking sites that we are addicted to and many such sites like blogs and video sharing platforms fall under the terminology web 2.0.

Considering the case of SEO backlinks the web 2.0 is highly effective, some of which we are mentioning below:-

➣ Contains high domain authority
➣ User-friendliness
➣ User control Dominance
➣ The ranking is comparatively easy and effective
➣ Free of cost

What else do you need? This is what the backlinks were waiting for.

Building a backlink on web 2.0 sites can be done tactfully with utter persistence, and if you have what it takes to be a qualifier,
Then you are done in four steps:-

➣ Choosing an apt website related to your niche
➣ Creating an accessible business or personal account
➣ Creating engaging and eye-catchy contents to post
➣ Dropping your website link along with the contents or in the link column 


✦ Conclusion 


That’s it for this article. If you really want to learn in-depth about creating quality backlinks and gain practical knowledge, I highly recommend you join a digital marketing course that provides practical knowledge along with technical knowledge from a digital marketing institute in Kerala.

Join the best digital marketing course

We hope you have gotten a good idea of backlinks, types of link building, tools to use and many other relevant pieces of information by reading this article on how to create backlinks step by step. 

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