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Our modern man’s god!

Comically, we say that Google is our God, we trust google more than anything in this world. Because google gives us the answers that we seek for right away. And that is one of the google fundamentals of digital marketing. About which we are going to dive deep in this topic.

Do you believe that is true?

Ok, let me ask you something…

Where do you turn when you need help? Where do you look when you are struggling? Where do you look to relieve the burden of secrecy from your shoulder?

In the early days, you would go for a trusted friend, or you would take those secrets to the grave. But now you have a third option: Google

It is said that Google knows everything, just like you know yourself.

Yes, we need to think about it. Instead of praying for answers, we first move to google looking for answers to our problems, questions, and deep dark fears. And indeed google will give you the results, maybe it won’t be sufficing your needs at the moment but it will help you somehow. right?

Google won’t stop there. Did Google start to watch us, right?

It knows all personal data like where you go, what you search, what you read, what you watch- yes, Google knows you better than anyone, the real you, better than you know yourself.

Google provides us with everything..interesting! right.

So what about doing a digital marketing course?

Yes, Google is providing a solution for this too…I’m not kidding

It is Google fundamentals of digital marketing… which i mentioned at the beginning

So a question may arise…Fundamentals of digital marketing…What is it?

So let’s have a look at it.

Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


Google’s fundamentals of digital marketing is a free and basic digital marketing course which is perfect for beginners, small business owners or budding marketer aiming to get a basic outlook of digital marketing.

The fundamentals colloquially means the basics, and as far as Google is concerned it won’t be that easy to be accredited. But at the same time following their guidelines will be the best way to learn the basics.

The best digital marketing expert says that the foundation step in the accreditation is gaining eligibility, just like any others, and this occurs when you show that you are capable of surpassing the google certification exams.


To get the Google Marketing certification, you need to complete:

    ☑️ 26 modules (40 hours of learning)

    ☑️ Quizzes at the end of each tutorial video

    ☑️ A final test at the end of the course (32 correct answers out of 40 questions to pass)

    You don’t need to back off by seeing all these together, in fact these can be considered to be the easiest compared to what we’ve gone through as kids, where we are given last dates and inevitable portions which we don’t even like, right? But if we like these, then it’s nothing compared to that.

    Here you can indeed set your own pace which will help you to understand the course completely and learn as much as you want.

    And the best part 80% is the pass line which is amazing because we are writing the google certification exam and an average of 80% is enough to clear the exam.

    Topics covered in this online Google Digital Marketing course:

    🔘 Google business listing

    🔘 Local marketing

    🔘 Search Engine Optimization

    🔘 Search Engine Marketing

    🔘 Social Media Marketing

    🔘 Content marketing

    🔘 Marketing research

    🔘 Email marketing

    🔘 Display ads

    🔘 Data analysis

    🔘 Web analysis

    🔘 E-commerce

    🔘 Global marketing

      See, there are 13 categories that you cover. These are topics and each of them consist of multiple subtopics that you’ll be covering, so pretty much you’ll be an expert in this field after you complete the exam.

      Don’t take me too offended but this is the truth that even though you complete all the syllabus and nail it, you still lack practical learning and application, and for that you must go to a place where you’ll get expert guidance and intense practical sessions like the best digital marketing institute kerala.

      Who can take this Online Google Digital Marketing Course?

      Any graduate looking to develop a successful career in digital marketing can pursue this course.Any digital marketing professional who is willing to work as a digital marketing specialist in a well reputed company can go for this course or any digital marketer who is willing to enhance their digital marketing skills and many more.

      This course in digital marketing is explained through videos,readable materials ,case studies along with real time simulations.

      To help you get a clearer picture of the digital marketing career,here are some of the benefits of these digital marketing certifications.

      1. Enhance your skills and creativity

      Digital Marketing is an emerging field, which means it has a lot of scopes.

      When you are enrolled in this online certification program, you are taught and trained to learn all relevant marketing concepts and skills.

      It puts you in the learning mindset, and as you learn, you become more interested in this field, and more interested in exploring this field.

      So through this course, anyone get an excellent opportunity to expand their skill set and to gain new skills

      2. Explore a wide range of career options

      The best specialty of Digital Marketing is that it isn’t restricted in one single field.

      Any type of business, even if it is small, medium, or large, seeks Digital Marketing for expanding their business.

      Hence, with the Digital Marketing certification at hand, you can find job opportunities in almost every sector.

      3. High salary packages

      With a Digital Marketing certification, one has acquired advanced skill sets, and hence they are in a position to demand higher salaries in exchange for offering their skills

      4. Add value to resume

      With the rapid growth of Digital Marketing and the rising demand for Digital Marketing professionals, companies are recognising the value of Digital Marketing certifications.

      By completing the online Google certification course, one must obtain google certification which adds value to your resume and increases your demands.

      Thus, Digital Marketing certifications have become a high standard in the modern world.

      Is Google Digital Marketing Certification worth it?


      Yes, google digital marketing certification is really worth it. It is a great course offered by Google which is free and anyone can choose to explore the digital marketing field.

      There are many online courses available in this digital world.SO searching for the right online course can be overwhelming and menatlly exhausting.

      But when you find google digital marketing courses, these online courses are truly the most efficient way to grow your knowledge and skill and can be used in the real-time world.

      It is easy to follow ,which you can pick and choose your modules, or put in time and can earn a google certification.

      Apart from all the above, tagging yourself as a google partner will help you a lot in your own pursuit and a better career oppurtunity. A person who is eligible for the google accreditation won’t be cared less by others.

      The marketing research wil open new doors and new partnerships will come in search of you if you use the certifications wisely with other marketing skills.



      And finally, many of you might think that, is it enough to learn google digital marketing course to become a digital marketing professional?

      So my answer is no.

      In this google certification digital marketing course, only limited products are covered,whereas the entire digital marketing is very vast and it has many different platforms and networks in it.

      More than theoretical knowledge , one must need practical training in this field to develop essential skills and to be successful in this digital marketing field, and in that part digital marketing course of google won’t be lending that much of a helping hand.

      With the competition for jobs increasing,employers are looking to hiring candidates who can demonstrate their practical skills rather than showing a list of theoretical qualifications,

      Yes,that is true…

      Practical learning and professional experience must go hand in hand with each other. Best digital marketing Companies want people who go the extra mile, who take the initiative with a strong desire to be successful in their career,and it all starts when you gain practical exposure along with theoretical knowledge.

      Think about it from the perspective of an employer: why would they spend both time and money in training an employee who had only some theoretical knowledge?

      Yes, they don’t do so.

      Instead they go for a well practiced employee who acquired all practical skills during his/her training.

      So don’t become just another application in a bundle, give yourself the advantage.

      So that was pretty much it from the google fundamentals of digital marketing. Hope all that information comes in handy to you.